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The Consumer Services Guide is searchable directory of resources which can help you with consumer problems and questions. There are multiple editions of the ‘Guide’, some which deal with specific issues such as housing or credit. The full directory, the Consumer Service Guide Edition, provides access to all the resources collected by Consumer Action.


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  • Maine - Attorney General
    The Maine Consumer Protection Division enforces state antitrust and consumer protection laws, including the mini-Sherman Act, the state merger statute, and the Unfair Trade Practices Act. The Division also discharges the Attorney General’s mandate to oversee charities, and is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of the unauthorized practice of law.

  • Maine - Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    Contact for pre-purchase inquiry and complaint information on local businesses. Takes complaints on companies and arbitrates problems and disputes. Monitors and reviews local advertising and tracks and reports on charitable organizations.

  • Maine - Bureau of Financial Institutions
    The Bureau of Financial Institutions supervises all state-chartered financial institutions including banks, credit unions, and non-depository trust companies. The Bureau maintains and promotes safe and sound financial practices; strength, stability and efficiency of financial institutions; security of deposit and share funds; reasonable and orderly competition; and development and expansion of financial services advantageous to the public welfare.

  • Maine - Bureau of Insurance
    The Bureau of Insurance is committed to making consumers aware of their rights and assisting them with complaints and questions about their insurance coverage.

  • Maine - Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles serves the residents of the State and all users of Maine highways by qualifying and licensing drivers and by maintaining records of driver history, vehicle ownership and vehicle registration. Through the collection of the licensing and registration fees associated with these services, the BMV also provides revenue to build and maintain Maine’s highways.

  • Maine - Office of Securities
    The Office of Securities protects Maine investors by investigating and prosecuting violations of the securities laws; licensing broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives; and reviewing registration statements and exemption filings for securities issuers that are seeking to sell in Maine.

  • Maine - Public Utilities Commission
    The Public Utilities Commission (RIPUC) and the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (DPUC) are independent regulatory bodies whose mission is to ensure that safe, reliable, quality utility service is provided at a fair and reasonable cost.

  • Maine - Weights and Measures Office
    Weights and Measures inspections maintain uniformity where weighing and measuring forms the basis for payment in commercial transactions within the State of Maine, by testing and evaluating weighing and measuring devices, by investigating cases of fraud, and by providing training, supervision and calibration services to municipalities which have local Weights and Measures Sealers. Provides traceability of the State's Measurement Standards to the National Standards and…

  • Make A Wish Foundation
    This organization grants the wishes of children under the age of eighteen who are suffering from a life-threatening medical condition.

  • Marin County District Attorney
    The Consumer Protection Unit is responsible for handling a broad spectrum of consumer protection activities. Its focus is to protect honest citizens from fraudulent or dishonest business practices. They have four major areas of concern: enforcement, mediation, referral, and outreach.

  • Marin County Fair Housing (FHOM)
    FHOM's community programs promote human rights and diversity in Marin neighborhoods. In addition to their services for individuals and housing providers, Fair Housing of Marin also produces a variety of education, outreach and advocacy programs whose goals are to strengthen human rights and diversity in Marin county.

  • Marin County Mediation Services
    Mediation Services was established in 1980 to offer the public an alternative to court as a way of resolving disputes in a variety of areas. Professionally trained and experienced Mediators help to facilitate resolutions for parties in conflict and for victims in Juvenile Delinquency matters.

  • Maryland - Attorney General
    The Consumer Protection Division provides mediation services to consumers to help resolve complaints against businesses and health insurance carriers. The Division can also provide information about complaints that have been filed against businesses, tell you if your new home builder or health club is properly registered and provide publications to help you make good decisions in the marketplace.

  • Maryland - Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    Contact for pre-purchase inquiry and complaint information on local businesses. Takes complaints on companies and arbitrates problems and disputes. Monitors and reviews local advertising and tracks and reports on charitable organizations.

  • Maryland - Commissioner of Financial Regulation Division
    The mission of the Office of The Commissioner of Financial Regulation is to ensure that the citizens of Maryland are able to conduct their financial transactions in safe, reliable and well-managed institutions, while providing a flexible, yet sound regulatory environment that promotes fair competition, encourages innovative business development, and supports the economy of Maryland.

  • Maryland - Insurance Administration
    The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) is an independent State agency that regulates Maryland’s insurance industry and protects consumers by ensuring that insurance companies and health plans act in accordance with insurance laws.

  • Maryland - Motor Vehicles Administration
    Maryland MVA site has been created to help you renew or register for a drivers license, find MVA forms, practice tests, drivers ed & traffic schools, auto insurance, or just about anything else related to Maryland MVA.

  • Maryland - Office of the Attorney General Securities Division
    The primary mission of the Securities Division is to protect Maryland investors from investment fraud and misrepresentation.

  • Maryland - Public Service Commission (PSC)
    The Commission regulates gas, electric, telephone, water, and sewage disposal companies. Also subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission are electricity suppliers, fees for pilotage services to vessels, construction of a generating station and certain common carriers engaged in the transportation for hire of persons. The PSC's jurisdiction extends to taxicabs operating in the City of Baltimore, Baltimore County, Cumberland, and Hagerstown.

  • Maryland - Weights and Measures Office
    The Weights and Measures program directly benefits all Marylanders by ensuring the fairness and equity of all commercial transactions involving determinations of quantity. This includes such day-to-day activities as: * the sale of food that is weighed by a scale in a supermarket; * the sale of gasoline through a gasoline pump; or, * the weighing of household goods to determine moving fees. Maryland weights…

  • Massachusetts - Attorney General
    The Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau uses investigation, analysis, affirmative litigation, and other advocacy to advance the Attorney General’s statutory and constitutional responsibility to enforce laws protecting the public. The Bureau focuses on a wide range of issues, including: equality and civil liberties for all; clean air, land and water; fair and competitive business practices in the areas of consumer protection, antitrust, and financial services…

  • Massachusetts - Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    Contact for pre-purchase inquiry and complaint information on local businesses. Takes complaints on companies and arbitrates problems and disputes. Monitors and reviews local advertising and tracks and reports on charitable organizations.

  • Massachusetts - Department of Public Utilities
    The Department is responsible for oversight of investor-owned electric power, natural gas, and water industries in the Commonwealth; developing alternatives to traditional regulation; monitoring service quality; regulating safety in the transportation and gas pipeline areas; and for the siting of energy facilities. The mission of the Department is to ensure that utility consumers are provided with the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost;…

  • Massachusetts - Department of Transport RMV Division
    The Registry of Motor Vehicles Division (RMV) is responsible for vehicle operator licensing and vehicle and aircraft registration, available online and at branch offices across the Commonwealth. The Registry oversees commercial and non-commercial vehicle inspection stations.

  • Massachusetts - Division of Banks
    The Division’s mission is to advance the public interest with the highest level of integrity and innovation by ensuring a sound, competitive, and accessible banking and financial services environment.


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