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The Consumer Services Guide is searchable directory of resources which can help you with consumer problems and questions. There are multiple editions of the ‘Guide’, some which deal with specific issues such as housing or credit. The full directory, the Consumer Service Guide Edition, provides access to all the resources collected by Consumer Action.


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  • Alabama Department of Public Safety
    The Department of Public Safety is a full-fledged, statewide law enforcement agency comprising six divisions: Administrative, Alabama Bureau of Investigation, Driver License, Highway Patrol, Protective Services, and Service. The Department website has information regarding highway and traffic safety, driver licensing, criminal investigations, missing children and much more.
    (added February 2010)
  • Appleseed
    A non-profit network of 17 public interest justice centers in the United States and Mexico, Appleseed is dedicated to building a society in which opportunities are genuine, access to the law is universal and equal, and government advances the public interest. Appleseed uncovers and corrects injustices and barriers to opportunity through legal, legislative and market-based structural reform. Working with our huge pro bono network, we…
    (added September 2009)
  • Disability Services and Legal Center
    DSLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers many ways for individuals and corporations to assist our efforts to serve people with disabilities in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties. We depend on the support of our community to continue our programs and services.
    (added September 2009)
  • California State Dental Hygiene Committee
    The responsibilities of DHCC include issuing, reviewing, and revoking licenses as well as developing and administering examinations. Additional functions include adopting regulations, determining fees and continuing education requirements for all hygiene licensure categories. In the near future, the DHCC will establish a Diversion Program for licensees whose competency may be impaired due to drug or alcohol abuse and will establish a Diversion Evaluation Committee.
    (added August 2009)
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) ten Field offices reorganized in February 2007 moving from a geography-based structure to a Consortia structure based on the Agency's key lines of business: Medicare health plans, Medicare financial management, Medicare fee for service operations, Medicaid and children's health, survey & certification and quality improvement. The intent of the new structure is to improve performance through uniform…
    (added July 2009)
  • Florida - DMV
    Common services provided by the DMV include drivers license renewal, license plate renewal, getting a learners permit, and finding a Florida department of Motor Vehicles approved traffic school.
    (added June 2009)
  • KABC 790 Talk Radio
    TalkRadio 790 KABC is the only radio station still talking about the issues that shape Southern California after 40 years. Listeners can call in at certain shows to voice their comments.
    (added June 2009)
  • Kern County Housing Authority
    The Mission of the Housing Authority of the County of Kern is to improve the quality of life for low-income residents in Kern County by providing safe, affordable housing and assisting residents towards self-sufficiency and home ownership. The Housing Authority strives to create safe neighborhoods in the communities of Kern County. By partnering with individuals and organizations, the Agency is able to provide housing, education,…
    (added June 2009)
  • Tennessee - Department of Safety
    Tennessee DMV site has been created to help you renew or register for a drivers license, find DMV forms, practice tests, drivers ed & traffic schools, auto insurance, or just about anything else related to Tennessee DMV.
    (added June 2009)
  • SEEDS Community Resolution Center
    SEEDS Community Resolution Center helps people find solutions to community issues and problems. They offer a variety of programs and services to residents and businesses in Alameda County. They cannot and do not provide legal advice.
    (added May 2009)
  • Privacy Basics and Opt-Out Strategies
    The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides guidance on Privacy Basics and Opt-Out Strategies.
    (added January 2009)
  • Civil Justice Network
    The Civil Justice Network works to increase the delivery of legal services to Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia clients of low and moderate income through a network of solo, small firm and community based lawyers who share a common commitment to increasing access to justice through traditional and non-traditional means. Civil Justice, Inc. was established in 1998 to meet the legal needs of individuals on…
    (added August 2007)
  • California Online Directory
    The California Online Directory is a service provided by the California Department of Technology. The Online Directory provides access to government information and services for state employees, local government and the general public. The directory services include state employee information, state agency information, and a State Government Organization Chart, as well as a keyword search.
    (added July 2007)
  • Board of Occupational Therapy
    The board licenses Occupational Therapists (OTs) and certifies Occupational Therapist Assistants (OTAs) in California. It also investigates allegations of violations of the OTPA by licensees and certificate-holders.
    (added July 2007)
  • California - Osteopathic Medical Board
    To protect consumers and promote the highest professional standards in the practice of osteopathic medicine, the Osteopathic Medical Board of California licenses osteopathic physicians and surgeons. The board investigates consumer complaints and uses its enforcement power to ensure practitioners abide by the provisions of the state Business and Professions Code/Medical Practice Act. To maintain their license, practitioners must successfully complete rigorous, periodic continuing education requirements…
    (added July 2007)
  • Physical Therapy Board of California
    The Board is a California State government agency, which licenses and disciplines physical therapist and physical therapist assistants. The Board provides three principal types of consumer services: verifies education and background prior to licensure, information about physical therapist and physical therapist assistants, and investigation of complaints against physical therapist and physical therapist assistants.
    (added July 2007)
  • Physician Assistant Committee, California Dept. of Consumer Affairs
    The Physician Assistant Board of the Medical Board of California serves and protects consumers of California through licensing, approving physician assistant training programs, and enforcement of the laws governing the Physician Assistant Practice Act. Physician Assistants are highly skilled professions who, under the supervision of a physician and surgeon, provide patient services ranging from primary medicine to very specialized surgical care.
    (added July 2007)
  • Board of Podiatric Medicine
    The Board of Podiatric Medicine ensures protection of consumers, enforces contemporary standards and provides accurate and timely information that promotes sound consumer decision-making with regard to Doctors of Podiatric Medicine.
    (added July 2007)
  • Professional Fiduciaries Bureau, Dept. of Consumer Affairs of California
    The Professional Fiduciaries Bureau was created by legislation that passed and was enacted into law in 2007 to regulate non-family member professional fiduciaries, including conservators, guardians, trustees, and agents under durable power of attorney as defined by the Professional Fiduciaries Act. Professional fiduciaries provide critical services to seniors, disabled persons, and children. They manage matters for clients including daily care, housing and medical needs, and…
    (added July 2007)
  • Board of Psychology
    The California Board of Psychology protects the safety and welfare of consumers of psychological services.
    (added July 2007)
  • Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine
    The Bureau administers the Naturopathic Doctors Act. This law specifies various standards for the licensure and regulation of naturopathic medicine that the Bureau enforces. The Committee is completely funded by application and licensing fees and its staff is responsible for answering public inquiries, analyzing licensure documents, issuing licenses, responding to correspondence, coordinating legislative, regulatory, and budgetary activities, preparing reports, and administering disciplinary and enforcement activities.
    (added July 2007)
  • Landscape Architects Technical Committee
    The Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC), under the purview of the California Architects Board (CAB), was created by the California Legislature to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by establishing standards for licensure and enforcing the laws and regulations that govern the practice of landscape architecture in California. It is one of the numerous boards, bureaus, commissions, and committees within the Department…
    (added July 2007)
  • Board for Geologists and Geophysicists
    The Board for Geologists and Geophysicists examines and licenses Professional Geologists, Professional Geophysicists, Certified Engineering Geologists and Certified Hydrogeologists in California. The licensure process ensures the public that those individuals licensed and certified have met defined levels of education and experience. Licensed and certified individuals are expected to practice within the standards of the profession. In addition to licensing and regulating the geology and geophysics…
    (added July 2007)
  • Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
    This boards regulates the practice of professional engineering and land surveying. It licenses qualified individuals as professional engineers and land surveyors; anticipates changes in the engineering and land surveying professions to ensure that the laws and regulations are contemporary, relevant, and responsive; establishes regulations and promotes professional conduct; enforces laws and regulations; provides information so that the public can make informed decisions regarding utilizing professional…
    (added July 2007)
  • Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)
    The Board of Registered Nursing regulates the practice of registered nursing and certified advanced practice nurses in order to protect the public. The Board exists to protect the health and safety of consumers and promote quality registered nursing care in California.
    (added July 2007)

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