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The Consumer Services Guide is searchable directory of resources which can help you with consumer problems and questions. There are multiple editions of the ‘Guide’, some which deal with specific issues such as housing or credit. The full directory, the Consumer Service Guide Edition, provides access to all the resources collected by Consumer Action.


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    Food Safety

  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA)
    APHIS is responsible for protecting and promoting U.S. agricultural health, administering the Animal Welfare Act, and carrying out wildlife damage management activities.

  • California Department of Food and Agriculture
    California Department of Food and Agriclture's mission is to serve the citizens of California by promoting and protecting a safe, healthy food supply, and enhancing local and global agricultural trade, through efficient management, innovation and sound science, with a commitment to environmental stewardship. Inspectors examine meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, dairy and other foods to ensure safety and quality; pest eradication teams work to prevent infestations…

  • California Integrated Waste Management Board
    The Board promotes a zero waste California in partnership with local government, industry, and the public. This means managing the estimated 93 million tons of waste generated each year by reducing waste whenever possible, promoting the management of all materials to their highest and best use, regulating the handling, processing and disposal of solid waste, and protecting public health and safety and the environment.

  • Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Information Line, (HHS)
    CFSAN, in conjunction with the Agency's field staff, is responsible for promoting and protecting the public's health by ensuring that the nation's food supply is safe, sanitary, wholesome, and honestly labeled, and that cosmetic products are safe and properly labeled. The Center provides services to consumers, domestic and foreign industry and other outside groups regarding field programs; agency administrative tasks; scientific analysis and support; and…

  • Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (USDA)
    The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion is the focal point within USDA where scientific research is linked with the nutritional needs of the American public. The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion carries out its mission by: * Developing and coordinating nutrition policy within the USDA * Assessing the cost-effectiveness of government-sponsored nutrition programs on food consumption, food expenditures, food-related behavior, and nutritional status…

  • Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
    The nonprofit organization conducts research, education, and advocacy on nutrition, health, food safety, and related issues as well as publishes the monthly Nutrition Action Healthletter, among other publications.

  • Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    * USDA leads the Federal anti-hunger effort with the Food Stamp, School Lunch, School Breakfast, and the WIC Programs. * USDA is the steward of our nation's 192 million acres of national forests and rangelands. * USDA is the country's largest conservation agency, encouraging voluntary efforts to protect soil, water, and wildlife on the 70 percent of America's lands that are in private hands. *…

  • Department of Toxic Substances Control
    Contact for information on how to minimize, treat, store and dispose of hazardous waste, or to complain about an industry illegally dumping waste.

  • Environmental Health Coalition
    An education and advocacy organization dedicated to preventing illnesses resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals in the home, workplace and community.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    Provides information on emergency planning for chemical accidents and on toxic chemicals emitted or released (by industry) in the environment. Other information available through local emergency planning committees.

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA), (HHS)
    The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA is also responsible for advancing the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines and foods more effective, safer, and more affordable; and helping the public…

  • International Food Information Council
    The International Food Information Council Foundation is dedicated to the mission of effectively communicating science-based information on health, food safety and nutrition for the public good. Their vision is a global environment where credible science drives food policy and consumer choice.

  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA)
    NIFA is one of four USDA agencies that make up its Research, Education, and Economics (REE) mission area. The other three agencies include: Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Economics Research Service (ERS), and National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). The USDA-REE agencies provide federal leadership in creating and disseminating knowledge spanning the biological, physical, and social sciences related to agricultural research, economic analysis, statistics, extension, and higher…

  • Poison Control Centers in California (CPCS)
    This is a telephone consultation service for emergency questions about poison exposure. Look in the White Pages for the poison control center that serves your county.

  • Safe Drinking Water Hotline, (EPA)
    The hotline answers questions on the Safe Drinking Water Act, rules and regulations, and consumer questions.

  • Seafood Inspection Program
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) oversees fisheries management in the United States, and through the 1946 Agricultural Marketing Act, provides a voluntary inspection service to the industry. The NOAA Seafood Inspection Program offers a variety of professional inspection services which assure compliance with all applicable food regulations. In addition, product quality evaluation, grading and certification services on a product lot basis are also…

  • USDA - Meat and Poultry Hotline
    The USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline can answer your food safety questions. This toll-free telephone service, which began July 1, 1985, helps prevent foodborne illness By phone or on the Web, answers to your questions on... * Safe food storage, handling, preparation * Product dating * Product content * Power outages and much more! See Also: * USDA Hotline: A Food Safety Resource for Millions…

  • USDA Office of Communications
    Office of Communications provides leadership, expertise, counsel, and coordination for the development of communications strategies which are vital to the overall formulation, awareness and acceptance of U.S. Department of Agriculture programs and policies, and serves as the principal USDA contact point for the dissemination of consistent, timely information.


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